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What are the port and clearance charges for International Adesa Car Shipping?

These are off loading and documentation fees are charged by the destination country. Each country differs. Container off loading fees are usually double that of roll-on roll-off fees.

Will anybody assist me when my vehicle arrives? 

Yes, we have clearing agents at all ports that can assist you but you can do the clearing yourself if you choose.

Do I need a driver’s license in a country? 

You should get an International Driver's License from the AAA Automobile Association in your area; however, your American Driver's License will suffice in Europe. You can drive on your American plates in a foreign country until they expire, when you will be required to renew your plates in the country of residence.

Do I need insurance to travel on the roads in foreign countries?

Yes. Insurance can be bought at the port of destination or you can arrange it prior to picking up your vehicle with an insurance company of your choice

What forms of payment are accepted?

Cash, cahier check, money orders, visa and master cards will be accepted. No personal checks and no business checks will be accepted. Payment must be arranged prior to pick up.

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Can I have anyone pick up my vehicle after international Car Shipping?

You can designate any person to pick up the vehicle but you must advise us so we can enter his or her name as the consignee when your order is booked.  Once your vehicle arrives at the destination port and you decide to charge the consignee there is an additional charge.  They will be required to identify themselves with a picture ID

Can I load my car with personal possessions before International Car Shipping?

Yes.   If you are Transport your vehicle in a shared container or on it own you will be permitted to pack goods into the car only. These goods are sent under your own risk and cannot be insured. The only time your goods are covered with insurance is when our company packs the container.

Can bad weather affect the condition of my vehicle? 

 Transport containers, which are not air tight, are subject to changing weather patterns. This can result in the growth of moss on your upholstery. To avoid this, we suggest that you cover your seats with a sheet or cloth.

Is Adesa Car Shipping able to guarantee delivery dates?

ARRIVAL TIMES ARE NEVER GUARANTEED.Most of the time we at Adesa Car Shipping are able to provide you expected arrival dates. However, sometimes due to; customs delays, ships canceling their departures, or in the event of lack of enough freight available for consolidated shipments delays can occur.

Do I pay import duties and sale taxes? 

Please note that returning citizens or foreign buyers may be subject to import duties and taxes. Each and every country has different laws so we urge you to contact the embassy of the respective country to clarify the matter.

What is roll on roll off? 

The vehicles are stored below deck, not open to the elements. This method is much cheaper then a container.  Please note, roll on roll off is not offered to all countries.

How much gas should be left in the vehicle? 

Please keep your gas tank at ¼ of a tank or less. For safety, full tanks will be emptied at additional charge to you.

What is a custom clearance broker?   

A customs clearance broker is capable of passing your vehicle through the formalities of the country of destination. We clear customs prior to your vehicle loading onto the vessel.

What type of payment is accepted for my overseas shipment?   

We accept money wire transfers for all overseas shipments.  We will provide you with our bank information upon booking your order. 

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International Adesa Car Shipping

We at Adesa Car Shipping provide international Car Shipping that is reliable overseas Car Shipping. Transport your vehicle out of the United States can be confusing and emotionally draining.

Adesa Car Shipping is here to help with your International Car Shipping

In order to make this experience as easy and safe as possible you must first find what port your vehicle needs to be shipped from and what port your vehicle is being shipped to. Then you need to find a national or local Hauling to get your vehicle to that port. Next you have to pay taxes, tariffs, and all your papers will need to be in perfect order. Don't get stuck half way through your international Car Transport to find that your process was not set up correctly and now your vehicle is stuck sitting waiting for someone to straighten things out. At Adesa Car Shipping, our site provides you with a company that will handle every step of this process for you. They have years of experience with all the ports, customs and Shipping to give you safe and reliable international Auto Shipping.

Car Shipping International: Foreign Governments

Many foreign governments have laws that can affect your overseas Car Shipping and impose duties on your cargo shipment. These laws can be confusing but Adesa Car Shipping is here to make it easier. Please be ready to provide receipts for any new purchases in your international Car Shipping. Car Transport within the United States. Our partners strive to accurately inform you of all potential charges you may face for the international Auto Shipping of your vehicle. Any destination and importation charges accrued through the port of destination are ultimately the cargo owner’s responsibility. In advance of making the shipment, Adesa Car Shipping recommends that you check with the consulate of the foreign government to which you are Transport cargo to, or receiving cargo from, to determine any levies or restrictions that would affect your move. Provided below is a link to the major embassies and consulates that can provide further information on duties and policies that may affect your international Auto Shipping vehicle shipment:

International Car Shipping Vehicle Transport: Export from USA

Our international Car Shipping companies can manage your export documents or your inbound customs clearance process through the company that is handling your international Car Shipping. You can choose the best overseas Car Transport company or the international Freight Forwarder of your choice to issue the required export forms. Prior to your Car Shipping international, you will need to provide all commercial invoices and sign export instructions.

Your vehicle will be shipped in an enclosed container. Safe and secure inside your own container. All vehicles are securely blocked, braced and tied down ensuring absolute security during international Auto Shipping. You can also ship any personal effects inside the vehicle.

RoRo Transport is another method of Car Transport Moving. Roro Transport is the simplest and cheapest method of International auto Car Shipping. Vehicles are driven directly into the RORO vessel and secured to the car decks; securely inside the vessel, wind-and-watertight. You cannot ship personal effects using this method but spare tire and factory fitted accessories are allowed.

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